"... Based on their experience in the rehearsal room, Reuben Feels have developed a series of workshops that re-engage people with their creativity and playfulness."



These practical sessions explore the creative process and provides attendees with the tools to become more creative, playful, and collaborative in every aspect of their lives.
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A physical workout connecting mind, body and spirit. As performers, we are taught how to engage with our body, to use it and express through it. These workshops help individuals from all walks to explore their body through movement and musicality.

Come and discover the joy of Groovement.


Client quotes

“It was honestly brilliant, and I found both your enthusiasm and energy totally inspiring!  You guys have a gift so keep giving it.”
Charlotte Hilton –

“Your group dynamic is utterly genuine and generous, we feel so lucky to have had your supportive leadership in the room…You met the brief we had perfectly, but in your own style which was what we wanted to see… Reuben Feels are awesome and I love them.”
Charlie Henniker –  BBC Worldwide

“Enlightening, interesting, enjoyable & useful.. perfect bonding session.”
Allan Gage –