An immersive tale of love and connection in the 21st century, at Hoxton Hall.

Our new production, The Last Dance, is a story about life and love in the 21st century. Set in a matchmaking institution that boasts 100% success rates, those who pass through the doors soon realise the high price of love. In this surreal, narrative led, immersive adventure, the audience become the hero in their own journey. The piece ends as all good stories should, on the dance floor. So if you’re fed up of talking to friends via social media, expressing yourself in emojis and swiping right for love, an evening at The Institute guarantees real connection – but at what cost?

All relationship statuses welcome.

tld_poster_landscapeHere’s what audiences said (

“A fantastic & fully immersive experience with a completely committed cast and attention to detail that ensured an outstanding communal an individual experience.”

“I want to go again.”

“Absolutely mind blowing.”

“Amazing performance, a lot of fun, dancing.”

“Fantastic. Completely new experience.”

“Immersive theatre at its best.”

“It was absolutely fantastic. I’ve already recommended it to lots of my friends.”

“Bizarre, awkward, clever.”

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