A Murder Mystery Weekend

With rare and exclusive access to one of Scotland’s preeminent country houses, we host one of the most lavish murder mystery weekends of all time.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Ardgowan Estate, home to the BBC’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Christie’s ‘Ordeal by Innocence’,  in our latest production. This immersive story of murder and mystery transports guests back 100 years, to the last era of true aristocracy; when weekends didn’t exist and jobs were vulgar, the only thing to fill time was scandal.

The death of a mutual acquaintance, Maximillion Borsche, brings this disparate group together. Borsche was an enigmatic man who profoundly touched the lives of people, many of whom have been asked to gather this weekend in order to hear his final will and testament. Under these unusual circumstances guests arrive at Ardgowan, built in 1798, on land that has been the home of the Stewart family for the last five hundred years.

Framed around a lavishly catered country house weekend, including a shoot, guests are transported into the 1920’s. What begins as a charming weekend in the country quickly descends into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, but no one can outrun the truth.

Each piece is bespoke, each character inspired by descriptions of the guests provided by the host. Guests are guided through the narrative by an ensemble of actors as well as discreet cues littered throughout the weekend, including secret notes, unexpected telegrams, and a trail of evidence that lead to the reveal of ‘who done it’!


For more information on hosting your own bespoke murder mystery weekend contact [email protected]